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Bread & Milk Delivery Days

Bread & Milk Delivery Days

We’d like you to know when we get our bread and milk in, so that you can order and receive it fresh as fresh as fresh!


Here, we list the breads that we receive frequently and are best consumed as close as possible to the day we receive it in!

We also stock some long-dated loaves (such as Gluten Freedom, Venerdi and the Pure Life sprouted breads), which are not mentioned here but you’ll find in the Bread & Wraps section of this site. Many of the brands we stock bake sourdoughs, which unlike other breads don’t need to be consumed within 24 hours. Keep in mind that all breads we stock come with a best-before date – providing you with window where the flavour and texture of the bread is at its best!

You can find more information on how best to store your bread in the product description.

Brand We Receive Fresh Stock On
Zeally Bay BakeryDaily
GF PrecinctDaily
Ancient GrainsMondays and Thursdays
HealthybakeTuesdays and Fridays
Judy’s LoavesWednesdays

No Grainer



Brand We Receive Fresh Stock On
Barambah OrganicsMondays and Fridays
Schulz Organic DairyMondays and Fridays
DemeterMondays and Thursdays
Nutty BruceMondays