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Fermented cashew cream cheese pasta, with other bits and pieces

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To make the simplest, most satisfyingly quick and delicious pasta dish, add Kehoe’s Kitchen Pesto Cashew Cream Cheese (a big dollop per serving) to a drained pot of fresh spaghetti (of which Organic Indulgence do a particularly lovely version), season and garnish with dried chilli, fennel fronds, herbs and Parmesan cheese (of course, for a dairy-free dish you’d simply omit this).

If you have an extra five minutes, you might also get your hands on some dried tomatoes (Ceres Dried Tomatoes, for example), throw in a pan with a finely sliced garlic clove and dried chilli flakes before adding a little hot water (just enough to cover the bottom of the pan), cooking on a medium to low heat and allowing the tomatoes to plump up. When the liquid has reduced (and definitely before the pan is dry), add a little olive oil, tossing the tomatoes so that they soak up the oil and pile atop each dish. These add a sweetness that is so beautiful alongside the creamy cashew cheese.