Zeally Bay Seed and Sprout Sourdough 700g

Zeally Bay Seed and Sprout Sourdough 700g


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For this loaf, Zeally Bay’s bakers sprout organic wheat seeds, which are sweet and moist. The organic linseed, which is sourced directly from the farmer, is lightly rolled to crack it open, enhancing its digestibility. Roasted sunflower seeds, buckwheat kernels and wholemeal complete the flavour of this beautifully nourishing loaf. Coated in linseed and sesame seeds, it’s an excellent breakfast bread, toasts well and is great for sandwiches.


Zeally Bay Sourdough is a family owned sourdough artisan bakery based in Torquay. Established in 2007, it was the first bakery in Victoria to become fully certified organic. Zeally Bay are committed to sourcing certified organic ingredients including; olive oil, dried fruit, rolled golden linseed and nuts, direct from Victorian farmers where possible. Co-founders, John and Jan Farnan have over thirty years of experience in baking with sourdough leaven; the bakery is still using the original leaven they started in their kitchen well before sourdough was available commercially, over thirty years ago.


This product is certified organic by Organic Food Chain.

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We receive most Zeally Bay loaves fresh daily, and they are delivered to your door unsliced.


Certified Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flours, Certified Organic White Flour, Filtered Water, Certified Organic Sourdough Culture, Certified Organic Sprouted Wheat Seed, Certified Organic Sunflower Seeds, Certified Organic Sprouted Buckwheat Seed, Certified Organic Flax Seeds, Certified Organic Sesame Seeds, Natural Sea Salt, Vitamin C.

Made in Australia from at least 95% Australian ingredients.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g
Fat, Total:2.8g
Fat, Saturated:0.3g
Carbohydrates, Total:41.1g
Carbohydrates, Sugars:0.6g