Cherry Tree Chicken Maryland

Cherry Tree Chicken Maryland


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Minimum Order

Average Pack Size
400-410g (one maryland)

Certified Organic Chicken.

Raised in Australia.

Cooking Instructions
Slow oven roast or bake.

Please note: we do not adjust the price of meat upwards of what you’ve ordered and paid for. This means that we will always pack the closest weight available to that which you ordered, or less – providing you with a refund of the difference.

For example, if you order and pay for 400g of Chicken Maryland, we will pack a 400g Chicken Maryland or, if not available in the exact weight you’ve ordered, we will pack under (but as close to) the specified weight and refund you the difference – i.e. if packing a 310g packet of Chicken Maryland with your order, a refund for the value of the 90g missing from your order will be refunded to your original means of payment.

Photo Credit: Cherry Tree Organics.